Kawthoolei, The Land of No More Darkness

This Land of Our Dwelling

We the Karen People since time immemorial have been living in Kawthoolei. Our ancestors dreamt of this land, the dwellings of many, the Karen People and many other races living in peace and harmony, and void of evil forces; hence, they named it Kawthoolei, the land of no more darkness.

The people of Kawthoolei have long been suffered from relentless evil forces that inflicts suffering. The land herself has withered by prolong attrition. Endowed with rolling hills, towering mountains, and fertile valleys, Kawthoolei, this dwelling of ours, where we are to preserve our heritage, has been reclaimed by the blood of many generations. However, without self-government, this land of ours to be a land of peace, prosperity and progress will never be realized .

We, thereby, have re-established the Government of Kawthoolei to govern our own affairs, decide our political matters, wherein our heritage, our livelihood, and our freedom are governed according to the will of the people and in accordance with view that our foreparents have foreseen.

The Government of Kawthoolei

The Government of Kawthoolei is established for all the people of Kawthoolei on the basis of Liberty, Equality, and Social Progress.

The Government shall be in accordance with the wishes of the Karen people and just in the eyes of the country and the world. The policy of the Government of Kawthoolei is National Democracy. All the people in Kawthoolei shall be given democratic rights, politically, economically, socially, and culturally. Freedom and equality of all religions is guaranteed. Kawthoolei will maintain cordial relationships with all her neighbours and other countries on the basis of mutual respect, peace, and prosperity.
The People of Kawthoolei will be treated equal term under the rule of law.